September spending and net worth updates brought to you by the emergency fund!

Good day to you money voyeurs. Today is the day that I wax poetic about some of my favorite money topics, my money. Including what my family and I spent last month, and how our net worth fared.

Without further ado, the monthly spending and net worth report.
September Spending $4469

September spending $4469! Miscellaneous ran away from us!
This month, our spending clocked in a touch high at $4469. Home spending ($1154) and childcare ($975) topped our spending this month. The home spending is new floors and a an 8″ laminate cutter which we hope will speed the installation of our remaining two rooms (I’ll report back if it does). We also had weirdly high rental and utilities spending due to the fact that my husband reset the HOA and our gas bill to a new auto pay day (The third to last day of every month), so as to be a full month ahead at all times.

I’ve decided that this is a good idea too. Not that I had any control over it.

The other reason our expenses are high, is that my husband bought a new phone, and then my child dropped it… onto the cement. And this was before my husband had a chance to put the cover on. Which is how we’ve turned a $320 phone into a $450 phone. If you want any other frugal tips, feel free to ask in the comments.

It’s also the first time that we’ve used our emergency fund since starting this blog. Normally little emergencies like a broken screen come from extra grocery money or found money or something like that, but we were living large this month, so the money actually came from our emergency fund which we will replenish this month.

The best spending of the month was the $52 that I spent to attend FinCon (that included parking, one meal, and a tank of gas). I was thankful not only to attend and network, but I also stayed with some Charlotte friends who I hadn’t seen in months. A good time was had by all.

The worst money we spent this month was a trip to Burger King. I was craving it, and then it fell flat on my taste buds. Thankfully, Rob and Kenny loved it (and we had coupons).

Net Worth $454,690 (up $2700)

This month, we didn’t face plant quite as hard as last month, but aside from contributions, most of our accounts are down (though a few are flat). Probably the only area worth noting is our Health Savings Account which is on track to be maxed out by November. We will continue to cash flow baby (and other medical) expenditures in the hopes that the few thousand dollars that we have tucked into the account will grow for us in the future.

This month, our net worth grew by $2700 to $454,690. It was actually a pretty boring month, but we have high hopes that the markets will turn around…eventually.

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